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ONF wiki attack - notice to community

11-09-2023 notice:

ONF Community, As we shared on November 7th, the ONF’s wiki sites have been forced offline as a result of a ransomware attack.
This was a coordinated attack using what appears to have been a new vulnerability in the Confluence tools,
and it has forced down the following sites: We have been working with the community to try to determine the best course of action, and as of now we plan to take a different approach for each of the 3 sites:
ONOS Wiki:

Status: A previous backup (from June 2022) has been restored and is available on https://wiki.onosproject.org.
We ask the community to reintroduce updates that may have been lost (if any) and sincerely apologize for lost work..
ONF Wiki:
It looks like there is compartmentalized areas of essential data on this site. We are still reaching out to the community, and currently intend to bring back a subset of the site with data from 2022. We will update the community once a plan is established, but as of now there is no specific plan to bring back the complete site. As a current workaround, an internet archive of this site can be found here:
CORD Wiki:
This site was already archived and largely historic. All the CORD work migrated to either the VOLTHA or the Aether projects over the last 5 years.
Current documentation for both of these projects can be found here:
We’ll continue to keep the community updated. Again, our apologies for the impact this is having. From the feedback we are getting, there is clearly interest and value in our project resources. It is encouraging to see the support we are receiving, and to see the reach that our projects have had throughout a diverse set of communities. We truly value our community, and will continue to work diligently to recover from this unfortunate event.

ONF Team