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Elections that will take place in Q2

  • Technical steering team - 3 positions
    • Team lead 
    • TST positions (2)

Election Process

The election process has two main steps for all positions. Nomination, and voting.

If the number of nominations equals the number of positions, there will not be a voting cycle.

There will be a separate election for the TST lead once all positions have been filled.


The following nominations will need to take place: TST member (3 openings).


  • Saurav Das
  • Khen Nursimulu
  • Matt Jeanneret

Voting Community

The voting community is composed of the following people:

  • TST members and brigade leads
  • Contributors (those who have submitted code which has been reviewed and accepted in the last year)
  • Other community contributors (scrum master, product owner, architectural contributions, documentation...)

Voting Community List

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