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  1. Get A-CORD's Monitoring-as-a-Service running for the dangerous-addition release. It's close, but needs to be brought up-to-date with master. Use this as an exercise to understand the A-CORD architecture, which strives to funnel a wide range of probes/meters into a common framework (the narrow waist), and then support a wide range of analytics applications (including access control to enforce multi-tenancy). 
    • ONGOING More on JIRA:  ACORD-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Explore the relationship between ONAP's DCAE and A-CORD. A great place to start is to adopt any "standard representations" for monitoring data (rather than invent our own). More broadly, we need to look for ways to both adopt DCAE solutions where appropriate and push A-CORD solutions upstream to ONAP. 
    • STARTED More on JIRA:  ACORD-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. We'll need to support a range of configurations, including (a) running analytics off-POD (e.g,. at an upstream data center); (b) co-locating analytics with CORD but on top of the monitoring service; and (c) running simple computations *inside* the monitoring probes.
    • PENDING More on JIRA:  ACORD-5 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. Expand the set of monitoring probes. The biggest known hole are probes for the software VNFs in the reference implementation of CORD. The current inventory is documented in the A-CORD slides on the wiki.
    • STARTED More on JIRA:  ACORD-6 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. Related to (4), we should look into accepting monitoring data from sub-systems that have their own event bus (e.g., by subscribing to said buses). An example would be accepting monitoring events from VOLTHA (via Kafka).
    • PENDING More on JIRA:  ACORD-7 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. Explore opportunities to work with (borrow from) other projects. A great example is PaNDA, which is complementary to most of the work done in A-CORD to-date (i.e., PaNDA focuses on analytics applications, whereas A-CORD has so far focused mostly on the monitoring service).
    • PENDING More on JIRA:  ACORD-8 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. Prepare a Requirements Document -- Tom Tofigh (AT&T) and Sandhya Narayan (Verizon) are going to take the lead on this.
    • ONGOING More on JIRA: ACORD-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  8. Add ONOS on-demand mirroring capability
    • PENDING More on JIRA:  ACORD-14 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  9. Start sketching out a Roadmap -- Bora Eliacik (NETSIA is going to help shepherd this along.
    • DONE - The ROADMAP for the next release is identified.


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