The CORD wiki contains community-related information. If you're looking for documentation on the software in the CORD reference implementation, you should go to: Also see Navigating CORD Documentation for an overview of how CORD documentation is organized.
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Agenda is at:


Guru Parulkar Open Networking Lab Opening Keynote.pdf   video

Craig Barratt Google View.pdf   video

Service Providers and Linux Foundation

Al Blackburn AT&T.pdf   video

Xiongyan Tang China Unicom.pdf   video

Jim Zemlin The Linux Foundation.pdf   video

CORD Architecture

Larry Peterson Open Networking Lab.pdf   video

Saurav Das Open Network Foundation - Trellis.pdf   video

CORD Domains of Use


Tom Anschutz AT&T R-CORD Intro.pdf   video

Ali Al-Shabibi Open Networking Lab R-CORD disaggregation.pdf   video


Tom Tofigh AT&T and Pingping Lin Open Networking Lab.pdf   video


Ayaka Koshibe Open Networking Lab.pdf   video

Building and Using CORD

Matteo Scandolo and Ali Al-Shabibi Open Networking Lab - Zack Williams University of AZ - David Bainbridge Ciena.pdf   video



Michael Best Nokia.pdf

Yuta Higuchi NEC.pdf

Plamen Minev MEF.pdf


Patricia Chang Verizon Breakout Agenda.pdf

Mingeun Yoon SK Telecom and Sandhya Narayan Verizon - Roadmap.pdf

Doug Eng AT&T - Operator View.pdf

Joseph Sulistyo Radisys - System Integration.pdf

Oguz Sunay Argela - Slicing.pdf

Kin-Yip Liu Cavium - RAN split architecture.pdf

Clark Chen Intel - Connectionless Architecture LTE Rack.pdf

Nic Viljoen Netronome - Transparent acceleration as a service.pdf

Wi Koo Viavi - Active and Passive testing.pdf



Srikanth Vavilapalli Ericsson - A-CORD.pdf


Tom Anschutz AT&T.pdf







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