The CORD wiki contains community-related information. If you're looking for documentation on the software in the CORD reference implementation, you should go to: Also see Navigating CORD Documentation for an overview of how CORD documentation is organized.
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Introductory Information


Information about CORD software – how to build, install, operate, develop, and test CORD – is available at The Guide includes information for all releases starting with 4.0. Corresponding information for earlier releases (which are no longer supported) are scattered across the Wiki and GitHub, with a useful starting point being: Building and Installing CORD (version 3.0).

Introductory White Papers

CORD Design Notes

The following is a collection of architecture and engineering design notes that describe the CORD platform and various services built on that platform. It might help to start by understanding the Definition of CORD.

CORD Platform

Most platform-related components are now documented throughout the Guide. Additional information can be found in project-specific pages:

  • CORD Monitoring Service.
    • In-depth description of the CORD service to collect, archive and analyze real-time metrics.

Residential CORD

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