The CORD wiki contains community-related information. If you're looking for documentation on the software in the CORD reference implementation, you should go to: Also see Navigating CORD Documentation for an overview of how CORD documentation is organized.
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ON.LabPingping Linpingping@opennetworking.orgTechnical Leader
ON.LabCharles Min-Cheng Chancharles@onlab.usONOS
NECYuta Higuchiy-higuchi@onlab.usONOS
SKTelecomMingeun Yoonymiggy@gmail.comSPONSOR - SKT
AT&TTom Tofightofigh@ATT.comSPONSOR - AT&T
NETCRACKERNeeraj Bhattneeraj.bhatt@netcracker.comSGW/MME
NETCRACKERMax Klyusklyus@netcracker.comSGW/MME
NETCRACKERValentin Plotnichenkovalentin@netcracker.comSGW/MME
RADISYSJoseph Sulistyosulistyo@radisys.comSCRUM MASTER
RADISYSPrashant Sharmaprashant.sharma@radisys.comPGW
RADISYSSanta Prasad

RADISYSRaghu ShettyRaghu.Shetty@radisys.comPGW
RADISYSPrakash Siva

RADISYSTim Marshalltim.marshall@radisys.comPGW
RADISYSMurali Reddiboyanamurali.reddiboyana@radisys.comPGW
CAVIUMKin-Yip Liukliu@cavium.comBBU
CAVIUMJean-Francois Lacassejean-francois.lacasse@caviumnetworks.comBBU
CAVIUMTejas Bhatttejas.bhatt@caviumnetworks.comBBU
CAVIUMHussam Abdullahhabdallah@caviumnetworks.comBBU
AIRHOPYan Huiyhui@airhopcomm.comeSON
AIRHOPHanson Onhon@airhopcomm.comeSON
COBHAMJeff Smithjeff.smith@aeroflex.comTeraVM
COBHAMMichael Linggmichael.lingg@aeroflex.comTeraVM
COBHAMRon Hebronron.hebron@aeroflex.comTeraVM
COBHAMJames Trinhjames.trinh@aeroflex.comTeraVM
COBHAMPaul KhatkarPaul.Khatkar@aeroflex.comTeraVM
VERIZONSandhya Narayan

SPONSOR - Verizon
VERIZONPatricia Chang

SPONSOR - Verizon
ON.LabOguz Sunay

Chief Architect


AmbassadorJianhao Chenjianhaoch@gmail.comOnos/Cord
GoogleVictor Lin

SPONSOR - Google
IntelChristian Maciocco christian.maciocco@intel.comSPONSOR
IntelAshok S. SPONSOR

M-CORD for new users:

Cord Project Account Registration :

  • Open a Cord Project Account at : ( Once you have created it you will be able to log in CORD Wiki and JIRA (Issue tracking tool) and so on)

Action items and JIRA (tracking tool) issues:

       Repository Source Code :

Username and/or password Recovery 

For chatting and discussions :

Active Brigades :

  • M-CORD Release Brigade
  • NG-Core Brigade
  • xRAN Integration Brigade
  • CBRS/Private LTE Brigade
  • Multi-Access CORD Brigade
  • All ARM CORD Brigade
  • E2E Slicing with Link Aggregation Brigade
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