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This page shows the current roadmap-of-record for CORD, including the Platform, related Projects, and Domains-of-Use. It is fairly high-level, and serves to establish themes and priorities for the release that is currently in progress: Dangerous-Addition.

See Release Planning for more information about requirements and priorities. 

See Jira for the current actionable set of Epics, Stories and Tasks.


CORD Platform

Refactor Platform and Stabilize Interfaces

(In general, working design notes are collected in a Google Drive folder.)

  • Refactor XOS (see Overview)
    • Isolate "XOS Core" with a well-defined API
    • Refactor Data Model
    • Replace Admin GUI with Single Page Application (see Design Notes)
    • Add better diagnostic support using Elastic Stack
    • Clean up Synchronizer framework
    • Apply best practices (and new API) to services
  • Refactor Build-and-Deploy Process
    • Deploy XOS as a containerized set of micro-services
    • Refactor platform-install and service-profile stages (see Design Notes)
    • Reconcile CORD-in-Box and Multi-Node POD (See Design Notes)
    • Create private certificate authority (See Design Notes)
    • Discover Environment – Dynamic Fabric Configuration (See Design Notes)
    • Service/Instance Restart
  • Platform Support for E-CORD
    • Add Pseudo-wire extensions to Fabric
    • Provide global credentials to Local POD
  • Light-and-Right CORD
    • Depends on containerization (done as part of refactoring work)

    • Minimizes management overhead (e.g., w/o OpenStack)

    • Supports no-hit upgrades of management infrastructure

    • Supports NBI plugins (Views) for different “OSS/BSS” regimes

    • Integrate with upstream data centers (where other VNFs run)

    • Refactor vSG/vBNG to take advantage of Qumran-based switches

    • Supports KVM natively (w/o OpenStack)
  • Support for Scalable vSG/vBNG
    • Support 10k subscribers per Haswell-class server
    • Support up to 10Gbps for one subscriber
    • Support per-subscriber QoS (both inbound and outbound)
    • Support bulk statistics collection on a per-subscriber basis
    • Support per-subscriber ACL filtering policy (both inbound and outbound)
    • Mirror traffic on a per-subscriber VLAN basis
  • Fabric Features & Improvements
    • Access trunk VLAN
    • Support 802.1X authentication (configure switch-port to block unauthenticated traffic)
    • Support for IPv6 transport on Segment Routing App
    • Support for Multi-homing of Leaf switches and failover support (vRouter)
    • Support to create and update ACLs
    • Configure switch to use Mac-Sec (Netconf/Yang support for config)
    • Configure 1588v2 timing to the switch (Netconf/Yang support for config)
  • Expand QA coverage
  • Expand Service Inventory


Integrate into Reference Implementation

  • PM Monitoring
  • Support for Microsemi
  • Deployment Automation
  • Add Netconf Support
  • Publish Yang Model

Dependencies on CORD

  • Fabric: X-Connect
  • VTN: OLT Agent

Enterprise CORD

Zero Touch Provisioning

  • Automate E-CORD deployment
  • vEE: Hardware-based QoS
  • vEG: R-CORD vSG + Captive Portal
  • vUNI: UNI model & MicroSemi NDI
  • Refactor CE App
  • Options for transport network control

Dependencies on CORD

  • Pseudowire
  • Global to Local Credentials
  • Merge with XOS Refactoring

Dependencies on ONOS

  • YANG SB - Dynamic config
  • VPLS - Deployment brigade

Mobile CORD

End-to-end Slicing with Open Source EPC 

  • Automate M-CORD deployment
  • Disaggregated MME (session/mobility)
  • Connectionless GW
  • Open source EPC
  • MME Service
  • SGW Service
  • APN-based Slicing
  • Disaggregated PGW ONOS App
  • IMSI Number-based Slicing
  • Public Safety
  • PassiveTest

Dependencies on CORD

  • Merge with XOS Refactoring
  • Upgrade OpenStack
  • Mirror of select flows from OvS

Analytics for CORD

Harden Implementation and Extend Probe Inventory

  • CI/CD for A-CORD Components
  • Framework to onboard Analytics Apps
  • Refactor Service Internals
  • Expand set of Monitoring Probes
  • Define Central Probe Inventory
  • Monitor North- and Southbound APIs
  • Build Richer Dashboard (e.g., Grafana)


Roadmaps for earlier releases are archived here:

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  1. Anonymous

    VRouter (Quagga) in R-CORD needs attention to support IPv6 as well as MPLS functions like Psuedowires, VPLS, VPWS, IP-VPN, etc. I think that this might be useful in the other types of CORD, especially E-CORD, and could be a core CORD feature/function.

    1. vRouter is a component of the platform - see Trellis: CORD Network Infrastructure, and yes it has its own roadmap (which is not highlighted above yet). As you point out it is a service used by R-CORD and can be used by E-CORD as well.