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This page records information about set of services that can be configured into CORD, and available at and The table includes:

  • Name – Name of service.
  • Status – Official | Development
  • Domain – Platform | [R,E,M]-CORD | Any
  • Source – Where to download from github.
  • Info – Document describing service.
  • Comments – Any other information about service.

In addition, it records a collection of Service Profiles (particular configurations of CORD components) that have been tested. This table includes similar information:

  • Name – Name of service profile.
  • Status – Official | Development
  • Source – Where to download from github.
  • Target POD – Target hardware configuration.
  • Info – Document describing service profile.

These classifications are defined by the CORD Technical Steering Team, and subject to change

Service inventories and configuration profiles are defined on a release-by-release basis:



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