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The CORD Automated Tester Suite (CATS) is an extensible end-to-end system test suite targeting CORD PODs. It is typically deployed as one or more Docker containers, either on the CORD POD or adjacent to the POD and interacts with the POD through the PODs interfaces.

Its intended use includes:

  • Testing independent CORD related components and for End to End traffic tests.
  • Regression testing for CORD related component development
  • Acceptance testing of a deployed CORD POD
  • Performance and Scale Tests
  • Health-testing of an existing CORD POD (including non-service-impacting and possibly service-impacting tests)

To get started and for further detailed information , please browse

QA Strategies

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document M-CORDtestarchitectureandroadmap.docx Apr 14, 2017 by Ashok Sunder Rajan
PDF File CORD_TESTER_HighLevel.pdf May 04, 2017 by Suchitra Vemuri




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