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The CORD wiki contains community-related information. If you're looking for documentation on the software in the CORD 4.0 (and later) release, you should go to: http://guide.opencord.org
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XOS brings the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) organizing principle to the CORD architecture. In doing so, it addresses several of CORD's high-level design requirements, including a means to seamlessly integrate control plane (SDN) and data plane (NFV) based services; the ability to support both access services and conventional cloud services; support for multiple security domains; and the "end-to-end glue" needed to make CORD both extensible and controllable.

XOS is a self-contained component of CORD – it serves as the "Controller" for CORD as a whole. Although it originally had a life outside of CORD, it is not an independent open source project — it is managed under CORD's project governance.

To participate in the XOS project...

  • Join the CORD team (#xos channel) on Slack.

For more information see:


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