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  1. When your first commitments have been accepted (source code committed and delivered in a release, for example), the collaboration can be announced.  The logo will be put onto the ONOS project web site and the logo will be added to standard presentation templates.

  2. Please use our Recognition for Request form to let us know when you have started making contributions.  This form gives us useful information that we can use to share out about the great work you’ve been doing. Information on here may be used for blog posts, tweets, newsletters or other communications.
  3. By becoming a collaborator, you are opting-in to receive occasional emails from ONF about relevant project news and topics.  You may choose to opt-out of these communications.
  4. Collaborator status is tied to ongoing activities, so it is important to stay in touch with us about the work you are doing.  Please make use of the community's tools to share what you are doing and/or send us updates directly.  After a period of 6 months of inactivity, we may remove your logo from the CORD and ONF sites.  To be relisted, simply reach out to us with information about your ongoing activities at marketing @