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The following sections details out usage of the XOS Monitoring service  and briefly touches on internal details of this service.

Setting Up the Service

The Monitoring service and the related backend synchronizers will be loaded into XOS by default in CORD configuration as shown in below snippet.

Code Block
$ git clone
$ cd xos/xos/configurations/devel
$ make

NOTE 1: The above assumes a working CloudLab setup with profile “OpenStack” (Refer to for more details on bringing up Cloudlab setup).

NOTE 2: Recommended backend Ceilometer database to be chosen for this setup is MongoDB and hence ensure you have selected that option while creating ClouldLab experiment with “OpenStack” profileRefer to Build A-CORD components for setting up Monitoring service.

Creation of Service Tenants


titleExample REST APIs:

Create Tenant: curl -X POST -v -G -H "Accept: application/json; indent=4" -u http://<xos endpoint>/xoslibapi/tenant/monitoring/monitoringchannel/

Query Tenants: curl -v -G -H "Accept: application/json; indent=4" -u http://<xos endpoint>/api/tenant/xoslibmonitoring/monitoringchannel/

When a Monitoring service tenant is created, the backend synchronizer picks an available openstack resource and launches a docker container for this tenant and pushes the list of access controls to be applied for this tenant.