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Our governance model sets up Projects as an official channel for participating in CORD, with a well-defined Project Lifecycle. Projects sometimes correspond to CORD Domains of Use, but they can also correspond to other components of CORD (and their corresponding community).

ProjectStateInformationTST Liaison
A-CORDIncubationAnalytics for CORDLarry Peterson
E-CORDIncubationEnterprise CORDMarc De Leenheer
M-CORDIncubationMobile CORDOguz Sunay
R-CORDCoreResidential CORDSaurav Das
XOSCoreXOS : The and the CORD ControllerAndy Bavier
TrellisCoreTrellis: CORD Network InfrastructureSaurav Das
OpenCloudDeployOpenCloudLarry Peterson
VOLTHAIncubationVOLTHA xPON Hardware AbstractionSaurav Das
ComposerIncubationComposer: Modeling CORD ServicesLarry Peterson