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Second, the CORD Reference Architecture and Reference Implementation are closely linked today. As one would expect, the Reference Implementation is a realization of the Architecture, but it is also the case that the Reference Implementation is the source of the architectural definition. This cyclic dependency is rooted in the practice of basing standards on running code. If at some point in the future there are multiple Implementations of the CORD Reference Architecture, it will make sense to revisit this preferential status for the open Reference Implementation.

Refer to this introductory video to CORD here: 

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While much of this document focuses on the CORD Architecture and Reference Implementation, there is a large community working towards the common goal of introducing cloud technologies into the edge of operator networks (e.g., Telco Central Offices). Efforts in this larger ecosystem are aligned with the CORD Vision as long as they are consistent with CORD’s Architectural Requirements [2]. Some efforts might be more narrowly focused, and so do not address all the requirements, but five principles stand out as a requirement for any claim to be aligned with the CORD Vision: