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  1. Create the support branch on the manifest repository using the Gerrit UI.  (Note: you need to be a Gerrit admin to do this.)
    1. Branch Name: specify the name of your support branch
    2. Initial Revision: master
  2. Check out the new manifest branch.  
    1. Edit default.xml; where it says revision="master", change master to the name of your support branch. 
    2. Make changes to the Jenkinsfile and default.xml to remove repositories not included in the release.  For example, the ONOS apps have their own release schedules.  (See Notes on 4.0 Release below.)
    3. Check in the modified Jenkinsfile and default.xml to the branch.
  3. Edit the configuration of the release-build job in Jenkins.  (Note: you need to be a Jenkins admin to do this.)
    1. In the Branch Sources section, add the new branch to the list of branches in the Filter by name (with wildcards) box.
  4. Trigger the release-build Jenkins job for the new support branch.  


A release uses the manifest to specify a specific commit for each repository on the support branch.  For example, if 3.0.0-rc1 and 3.0.1 are releases on the cord-3.0 support branch, each would have its own manifest specifying a different set of commits.

To cut a release:

  1. Run a job that creates /var/lib/jenkins/temp/manifest-<branch>.xml on the Jenkins host.  Physical POD builds will create this file.
  2. Trigger the release-build Jenkins job for your support branch.  This will send an email to the approvers listed in the Jenkinsfile in the support branch's manifest repository.  Currently the approvers are Ali Al-Shabibi, Andy Bavier, and Larry Peterson.
  3. An approver clicks the link in the email and enters the tag for the release (e.g., 3.0.0-rc1)