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  Developer-related documentation for CORD/SEBA


can be found at The wiki contains

old documentation (<= CORD 5.0) and community related info

community-related documentation ONLY.

titleCommunity Dashboard

Peruse a dashboard reporting metrics about community involvement in CORD.


To build an open reference implementation of CORD, bringing datacenter economies and cloud agility to service provider networks. Learn how to contribute. Learn about our project governance.

Getting Started

CORD is an open reference implementation constructed from commodity hardware and open source software. It is still pre-release, but to get started...

There's lots of work to do, so please join us. And don't be shy about asking for help.

Domains of Use

CORD is a general-purpose service delivery platform. It can be configured to host a set of services in support of residential customers, enterprise customers, mobile customers, or any combination of all three.

From a technology perspective, the set of services that run in a given CORD installation is defined by a configuration parameter – the service graph. It is possible to configure a service graph that draws elements from across access technologies and edge applications.

From a community perspective, work is being organized around a set of usage Domains. These domains sometimes correspond to market segments or access technologies (e.g., residential, enterprise, mobile), they sometimes correspond to cross-cutting capabilities (e.g., monitoring and analytics), and they sometimes correspond to emerging edge applications (e.g., IoT, gaming, VR). The plan is for each of these domains of community activity to be anchored at this home page. To date, the following domains are active:

Learn more by reading Confluence 101: organize your work in spaces