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Trellis is an open-source multi-purpose L2/L3 leaf-spine switching fabric. The development of Trellis over the last four years has been influenced by three core trends in the networking industry:

Together, all three attributes of Trellis considerably lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for operators who plan to run it in production.

You can learn more about Trellis features and design concepts by visiting the Project Website and reading the Platform Brief.


Use Cases

Distributed Fabric for Access/Edge Networking

Disaggregated BNG in SEBA using P4

Enterprise Datacenter Fabrics

Chassis Routers

Key People & Communication Channels

Charles Chan & Pier Luigi Ventre are the ONF Ambassadors for Trellis. For any questions regarding joining the Trellis platform as a contributor or getting onboarded, please reach out via the following channels:

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