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The XOS metro-net Service is a dynamically onboarded XOS Service used for creating/managing/deleting Ethernet Services at the XOS level. The intended use of this function with ECORD is to provide Ethernet 'pipe' management at the Metro Network Level, connecting one of more Central Office CORD systems into a wider network architecture.

It is noted that this area is still under active development.


The metro-net service depends on an underlying MEF SCA API - for end-to-end Ethernet connection management at the network level. Theoretically any implementation of this API is suitable. We have used the ONOS application provided by the Carrier Ethernet project (another part of the ECORD) for development and testing.


Installing and activating the Service


There is one 'root' repo of interest, from it, scripts will download the base repo and a series of 'service' repos. Here is how you setup them up, generate containers and activate the system.

Service Profile Repo:

Create Containers

Open the GUI:

Creating a Eline


Metronetwork Video Demo


Virtual Network on Demand (VnoD):

VNoD is a new feature we are working on that brings together Metro level backbone networks with Enterprise Access Points from Local CORD Pods.

VnoD Video Presentation and Demo:


Preview: XOSVnodDemoNov11.pdf